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If YAMS is not starting or crashing, please download the PROBLEM REPORTER. Extract the ZIP to your YAMS folder and run YAMS-Reporter.exe. Follow the instructions in the program.

Documentation wiki is available on GitHub, and bugs should be reported via the issue tracker. Please read the documentation before asking a question, many tips and techniques are covered there.

How to Update CraftBukkit on my YAMS server...

0 votes
I have installed the faction and faction plus plugins but it says that it cannot operate because my CraftBukkit is outdated. How do you update the CraftBukkit on YAMS?
asked Sep 26, 2012 by djchuwster (2,070 points)  

1 Answer

0 votes
find the folder were the server files are saved and replace the craftbukkit with a new build of it.
answered Oct 8, 2012 by Kenneth Duane Dupra (230 points)  
Where is it? i cant find the files