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unable to forward port, cannot find the file specified

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My port forwarding has stopped working, and I can't figure out why, or how to fix it. I haven't made any changes to the minecraft installation, or anything else for that matter. The server itself is running fine.
Log exerpt:
[2012-06-21 18:12] (networking) Opened port 25565 for Tekkit 3.0.4
[2012-06-21 18:12] (networking) Unable foward port 25565 for Tekkit 3.0.4: Exception - The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)
A notable point for my specific installation is that, as the server name states, this is a tekkit server, with the custom jar renamed to trick the software into running it like craftbukkit. Server files are shoved into \YAMS\lib as well as the server itself; this was required to make it work. It's quite messy, but worked up until tonight, when the port stopped forwarding.
I've tried restarting the server, restarting the service, and restarting my computer.
Any ideas?

Edit: I made a vanilla server, and the port forwarding won't work for it either, with the same error as above.

asked Jun 21, 2012 by anonymous   1
edited Jun 23, 2012

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Please see this question:

It is possible that the firware on your router has been updated or the settings reset.

answered Jun 24, 2012 by bigolslabomeat (22,060 points)  
selected Aug 8, 2012 by bigolslabomeat