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Spammers are killing this support site. I can't keep up with them and I've put all the protection on here I can. I have blocked new questions until I can come up with a better solution. Sorry :(
NB: NO SUPPORT VIA MESSENGER OR SKYPE, this forum or email only.

If YAMS is not starting or crashing, please download the PROBLEM REPORTER. Extract the ZIP to your YAMS folder and run YAMS-Reporter.exe. Follow the instructions in the program.

Documentation wiki is available on GitHub, and bugs should be reported via the issue tracker. Please read the documentation before asking a question, many tips and techniques are covered there.

Urgent! Help!

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Help! Dude I deleted the YAMS folder in windows (x86) because I dodnt know how to uninstall it and I had bukkit messed up so I deleted the YAMS folder and run the installer again and all I can do is repair YAMS which I can't do because apparetly I've already installed it and I obviously I can't uninstall it. please help I have had this program for months now and has always been running great with me and friends doing survival. if you could reply that would be wicked. 

asked Jul 13, 2013 by 3NVYGaming (200 points)  
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