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I deleted all the files and now it won't uninstall/re-install [summary]

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HELP ME When I Deleted ALL My Files Of YAMS To Reinstall It Worked But When I Opened It Again It Sais Repair Or Remove I DID BOTH AND THEY GIVE ME AN ERROR I Delete Everything Reinstall Happens Again And Again HELP MEEE

I needed to temporarily uninstall YAMS, so I just deleted the folder in Program Files (probably not one of my best ideas). However, that didn't completely uninstall it and now I can't install it because it says it's already installed, and I can't unistall it through Add or Remove Programs because it's missing YAMS-Setup.exe.


It's a great program, but I accidentally deleted a file, and it's not working. So, I tried to install it again, but it says either repair it, (Which doesn't work it says it doesn't exist) or delete it (It says it can't find it) (I'm using XP BTW) So I went to add or remove programs, and deleted the YAMS. It STILL said it couldn't delete it. Is their another way to delete it so I can get it again?

My PC bluscreened while installing, had to delete the folder and start again, BUT, when I try to install it now, it says that the service already exists.

asked Jun 21, 2012 by bigolslabomeat (22,060 points)  

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Deleting all the files from a program is a really bad idea, ALWAYS use the add/remove uninstaller for that program.
You could try replacing them, if that fails I am working on a removal tool to handle situations like this.
Another method to try is this:
  1. Press start, type "services.msc" into the search box and press enter
  2. Find the YAMS service and stop it (it's ok if it is already stopped)
  3. Press start, type "cmd", right click what comes up and select "Run as administrator"
  4. In the command window type "sc delete YAMS_Service"
  5. In the services window, refresh to see if it's gone
  6. Delete the %PROGRAMFILES%\YAMS folder
  7. Try and re-install.


answered Jun 21, 2012 by bigolslabomeat (22,060 points)  
This doesn't work
omg i did the same thing i deleted yams like a dumbbutt but i did the commands and it worked thanks alot guy and ken i hope you find a soloution
i did this and i put all my plugins and worlds and config and everything put no commands is working i instaled bukkit nothin plz help!!
I"m having a similar issue at the moment, however I can't replace the files because the site isn't working for me at this time, plus I tried the commands and it did not work. Sadly I deleted everything in my files that was related to YAMS and it's impossible for me to uninstall. I hope the site will be fixed soon, I really need to fix this YAMS issue.
Still Unable to uninstall