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August 12, 2013

0.14 pushed - Custom JARs!

Whilst there has long been a hacky way of running custom JAR files in YAMS, 0.14 brings an official and easy way of doing it.  In the settings tab, select "Custom JAR" in the "type" select, then enter the full path to the JAR file.

Also included in this update:

  • Shows internal connection details in connection tab
    Some routers won't let you use an external IP address when you are inside it's network and because of the way YAMS works, localhost won't always connect you to your server, so this shows what you should enter in your client to connect to your own server
  • Allow changing of header text on public website
    The public website has space to enter your own text and finally you can now change what it is!  There is a WYSIWYG for entering whatever you want to appear on your server's public page.
  • More details logged when doing updates
  • Start and stop commands available in scheduler

Along with a couple of bug fixes, like making the restart button work again and a crash caused by a missing file.

As usual, the update will pull itself down if you have updates enabled.  If not, add a scheduled job to update on your own timescales or click the settings menu and "Run updates now", which will now also provide more feedback in the global log.

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