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July 8, 2013

0.13 Released - Fixes automatic updates

The latest version fixes the automatic update system, a key feature of YAMS that was broken by unexpected changed from Mojang with the release of 1.6.

Historically, Mojang uploaded the newest versions to the same URL, so YAMS could do a simple HTTP request with added eTag to check if a new version was available.  With the snapshots and now with 1.6, Mojang decided to go with a versioned naming convention.  As such, I was manually updating a versions file with each snapshot release and it looked like I was going to have to do the same with each new release version.  The whole point of YAMS was that it would keep you on the latest version without any developer intervention, so I appealed (again!) to Mojang to provide a "latest" URL.

However, I realised that the new launcher already has this behaviour so must have access to either a latest URL or a data file with the most up to date versions in it.  A little packet sniffing and decompilation of the launcher showed me the URL to check for version information.  0.13 was then pushed out the door quicker than expected so that you all can have the latest version of Vanilla Minecraft installed.

Finding this file and adding the ability for YAMS to use it also has the fringe benefit that snapshot versions are also included, meaning I no longer have to update the version file weekly with new snapshot realeases.

So in the end, Mojang's seemingly annoying change has made life simpler for me and better for YAMS users.

I just wish they'd mention these things earlier!

Also added in this version is the ability to schedule any command at all, look in the job scheduler for the new "Issue Command" option.

As usual, the update will pull itself down if you have updates enabled.  If not, add a scheduled job to update on your own timescales or click the settings menu and "Run updates now".

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