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June 17, 2013

v0.12 Released - Bukkit version selection

0.12 has just been pushed to live and allows you to select which version of CraftBukkit you wish to use from Release, Beta or Dev builds.  Simply choose the version you want in the server settings screen, save and restart your server.

It also automatically selects the relevant Bukkit version for download as this step seemed to be missed out by many people when trying to use Bukkit, admiteddly it wasn't made clear in the UI but it surprised me how many people struggled with this.

If you have updates enabled, this should show up for you within an hour, if you wish to update manually select the "Settings" menu and click "Run updates now".

See this post for how to add automatic updating if you don't have it already.

UPDATE: If you are seeing the following error:

(web) Parameterized query 'UPDATE YAMSSettings SET 
SettingValue=@value WHERE SettingName=@name;' expects a parameter value 
which was not supplied. Parameter name: @value

Please clear your browser's cache and try again.

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