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May 29, 2013

Hiatus | 0 Comments

With a lot of FOSS with only a single developer, events in that developer's life can cause a long hiatus in the project.  This is exactly what has happened here and the reason for no updates here, in the source code or being pushed to the autoupdater.  There have been the odd flurry of activity, but as the project has been relatively stable, there hasn't been a need to rush to fix anything.

I am hoping to be able to make a return to dedicating some more time to this project and to that end have been having a little clean up on this site and the github repo.

One of the most important additions is the UserVoice based feedback forum, which allows you guys to suggest features and vote on what is most important to you.  This will help guide me on what to work on first and also allow me to gauge how desired any feature is.  So click that tab on the left and let me know what you want to see.  Hopefully I will be able to push this tab into the admin console so that more ideas can be generated.

I have also updated the stats/usage page to include the number of dynamic DNS entries currently registered and the number of uses of the public website's status feature, it's all getting into crazy numbers now. As of right now:

  • 2,026 Dynamic DNS addresses
  • 4,411 Live servers
  • 20,127 Players
  • 53,425 Server pings

These numbers continue to grow, even without updates and some really annoying (but not critical) bugs.  Please remember that this is a free project that costs me money to run.  I'm not about to go bankrupt from it any time soon, but if you can spare a few coins, please head over to the donate page and consider helping out and/or showing your appreciation that way.

There is an update completed that addresses most of the current minor bugs with commands and player lists, all caused by changes to the MC server, which just needs me to test a little further before I am happy to push out to the 4.5k servers!

If you're a long time YAMS user, thank you and bear with me, things will slowly get back on track.  If you are new, welcome and this project is far from dead, it's actually pretty stable and hasn't needed much intervention for a while.

I also owe a big thanks to the users in the support section that have been helping out their fellow users by answering questions and being generally great.

Lastly, please have a look at the home page where there are links Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.  Please add, +1, Like and all that jazz!