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August 24, 2012

0.10 Released | 0 Comments

I haven't updated the news *again* with version updates, sorry about that!  Below are the updates since I last posted here about them, they always go in the version history page on the GitHub Wiki anyway.

Since the last update, usage has peaked at 12,420 players, a totally insane number, coupled with at least 1,500 servers running all the time, I am glad that YAMS is getting widely used now, thanks guys!


  • [DLL] If using `args.txt` the JDK wasn't used, always JRE
  • [WEB] Fix players not showing in lists after certain MC update
  • [WEB] Public JSON API that responds with player lists


  • [DLL] 32-bit Java running on 34-bit Windows was not detected correctly
  • [WEB] Wrong number of images and backups was shown on public site


  • [DLL] [New telnet/terminal interface](
  • [DLL] Fix bukkit updates failing if server was running