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March 1, 2012

0.8.0 Released

(I always forget to update here!)

Since my last post, there have been 2 new versions with some nifty little features. I'm probably most pleased with the direction I have started moving the public site in and thanks to Twitter Bootstrap, it's coming along nicely. Next up is to add some customisation to turn eatures on and off and put your own text in the "hero unit".

Anyway, here's the last few updates.


  • [WEB] Don't allow bad URLs in dynamic DNS anymore
  • [DLL] Backups will capture any folder that starts with "world" for Bukkit support
  • [WEB] Backup now button in server control
  • [WEB] Public website now features connection address, client url (if using snapshots) and list of players online (with their approximate locations).
  • [DLL] Ability to override java arguments with textfile in server folder
  • [DLL] Stop deleting "config" folder as doubt anyone is still on 0.2.3!


  • [WEB] Public website is a lot less crappy, not finished but not an eyesore.
  • [WEB] Web not sending proper parameters on creation of restart when free job
  • [DLL] Allow DB to increase in size beyond default 127MB
  • [APP] Button to truncate the logs if needed
  • [DLL] Catch errors in job engine ticker


  • [WEB] Option to enable/disable public website
  • [WEB] View, delete and add to white/ban lists
  • [WEB] Restart when free scheduled job
  • [WEB] Delete servers
  • [WEB] Delete world and optionally set a random seed
  • [APP] Job to clear backups once reached a certain age
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