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June 17, 2014

0.17 - Yet Another Bugfix Release! 1.7.9 support | 0 Comments

Sorry, just another rushed out update following a bug report around 1.7.9.

Mojang made some changes to the layout of files and the content of them which was causing YAMS to crash when trying to update the player's OP status and location.  This fix just disables this functionality for now.

The changes Mojang introduced are actually pretty good and will allow me to do a few things that I had to hack in a bit more easily.  Hopefully I will get something out soon that utilises these changes to their fullest.

Thanks again for using YAMS!

April 8, 2014

0.16 - Fix for the dreaded "Starting" issue | 0 Comments

OK, for the ADHD amongst you, here is the fix if your YAMS doesn't auto-update:

  1. Download this file:
  2. Make sure the service is in a "stopped" state.  If it's not, open task manager, find "YAMS-Service.exe" in the details tab, right-click and "End Process"
  3. Replace the file in the install folder (default C:\Program Files (x86)\YAMS) with the file you downloaded in step 1
  4. Start the service.  Ideally through local services, if you use the YAMS Service Controller then close it as soon as you hit start.

This should fix the issue.  If you want to know what happened, read on.

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December 15, 2013

0.15 pushed - Fixes things! | 0 Comments

Fixes stuff that was mostly broken by other people fixing their bugs I'd previously worked around :)

  • [DLL] Force IPv4 when detecting external IP
  • [DLL] Include reporter in automatic downloads and updates
  • [DLL] Use modified date for overviewer to stop spamming their servers
  • [DLL] Add a user-agent to downloader
  • [DLL] CraftBukkit URLs were relative and failing
  • [DLL] Output text format changed, update regex to fix player lists, version number etc.


August 12, 2013

0.14 pushed - Custom JARs! | 0 Comments

Whilst there has long been a hacky way of running custom JAR files in YAMS, 0.14 brings an official and easy way of doing it.  In the settings tab, select "Custom JAR" in the "type" select, then enter the full path to the JAR file.

Also included in this update:

  • Shows internal connection details in connection tab
    Some routers won't let you use an external IP address when you are inside it's network and because of the way YAMS works, localhost won't always connect you to your server, so this shows what you should enter in your client to connect to your own server
  • Allow changing of header text on public website
    The public website has space to enter your own text and finally you can now change what it is!  There is a WYSIWYG for entering whatever you want to appear on your server's public page.
  • More details logged when doing updates
  • Start and stop commands available in scheduler

Along with a couple of bug fixes, like making the restart button work again and a crash caused by a missing file.

As usual, the update will pull itself down if you have updates enabled.  If not, add a scheduled job to update on your own timescales or click the settings menu and "Run updates now", which will now also provide more feedback in the global log.

July 8, 2013

0.13 Released - Fixes automatic updates | 0 Comments

The latest version fixes the automatic update system, a key feature of YAMS that was broken by unexpected changed from Mojang with the release of 1.6.

Historically, Mojang uploaded the newest versions to the same URL, so YAMS could do a simple HTTP request with added eTag to check if a new version was available.  With the snapshots and now with 1.6, Mojang decided to go with a versioned naming convention.  As such, I was manually updating a versions file with each snapshot release and it looked like I was going to have to do the same with each new release version.  The whole point of YAMS was that it would keep you on the latest version without any developer intervention, so I appealed (again!) to Mojang to provide a "latest" URL.

However, I realised that the new launcher already has this behaviour so must have access to either a latest URL or a data file with the most up to date versions in it.  A little packet sniffing and decompilation of the launcher showed me the URL to check for version information.  0.13 was then pushed out the door quicker than expected so that you all can have the latest version of Vanilla Minecraft installed.

Finding this file and adding the ability for YAMS to use it also has the fringe benefit that snapshot versions are also included, meaning I no longer have to update the version file weekly with new snapshot realeases.

So in the end, Mojang's seemingly annoying change has made life simpler for me and better for YAMS users.

I just wish they'd mention these things earlier!

Also added in this version is the ability to schedule any command at all, look in the job scheduler for the new "Issue Command" option.

As usual, the update will pull itself down if you have updates enabled.  If not, add a scheduled job to update on your own timescales or click the settings menu and "Run updates now".

June 17, 2013

v0.12 Released - Bukkit version selection | 0 Comments

0.12 has just been pushed to live and allows you to select which version of CraftBukkit you wish to use from Release, Beta or Dev builds.  Simply choose the version you want in the server settings screen, save and restart your server.

It also automatically selects the relevant Bukkit version for download as this step seemed to be missed out by many people when trying to use Bukkit, admiteddly it wasn't made clear in the UI but it surprised me how many people struggled with this.

If you have updates enabled, this should show up for you within an hour, if you wish to update manually select the "Settings" menu and click "Run updates now".

See this post for how to add automatic updating if you don't have it already.

UPDATE: If you are seeing the following error:

(web) Parameterized query 'UPDATE YAMSSettings SET 
SettingValue=@value WHERE SettingName=@name;' expects a parameter value 
which was not supplied. Parameter name: @value

Please clear your browser's cache and try again.

June 13, 2013

v0.11 pushed to live | 0 Comments

I have just pushed v0.11 to the live update system that has the following changes:

  • [DLL] Make overviewer work again
  • [ALL] Housekeeping/cleaning up
  • [DLL] Support both login strings so Tekkit and other packs based on older MC versions still show users.
  • [WEB] Order of parameters on come commands has changed.
  • [WEB] Add help menu and uservoice tag to admin

Version history is available on the Wiki at all times.

This update should fix the biggest bugs people are having, mostly to do with differing versions of Minecraft and the way Mojang change player handling and other commands.

If you have updates enabled, this should show up for you within an hour, if you wish to update manually select the "Settings" menu and click "Run updates now".

If you don't have automatic updates on, add it as a scheduled job like this:

  1. Click "Settings" -> "Scheduled Jobs"
  2. Click "Add Job"
  3. Select "Check for Updates" in the drop down
  4. Make the time * 00 for updating every hour. Set it to a specific time if you just want to check once a day.

If you experience any issues with the update, head over to the support section.

May 29, 2013

Hiatus | 0 Comments

With a lot of FOSS with only a single developer, events in that developer's life can cause a long hiatus in the project.  This is exactly what has happened here and the reason for no updates here, in the source code or being pushed to the autoupdater.  There have been the odd flurry of activity, but as the project has been relatively stable, there hasn't been a need to rush to fix anything.

I am hoping to be able to make a return to dedicating some more time to this project and to that end have been having a little clean up on this site and the github repo.

One of the most important additions is the UserVoice based feedback forum, which allows you guys to suggest features and vote on what is most important to you.  This will help guide me on what to work on first and also allow me to gauge how desired any feature is.  So click that tab on the left and let me know what you want to see.  Hopefully I will be able to push this tab into the admin console so that more ideas can be generated.

I have also updated the stats/usage page to include the number of dynamic DNS entries currently registered and the number of uses of the public website's status feature, it's all getting into crazy numbers now. As of right now:

  • 2,026 Dynamic DNS addresses
  • 4,411 Live servers
  • 20,127 Players
  • 53,425 Server pings

These numbers continue to grow, even without updates and some really annoying (but not critical) bugs.  Please remember that this is a free project that costs me money to run.  I'm not about to go bankrupt from it any time soon, but if you can spare a few coins, please head over to the donate page and consider helping out and/or showing your appreciation that way.

There is an update completed that addresses most of the current minor bugs with commands and player lists, all caused by changes to the MC server, which just needs me to test a little further before I am happy to push out to the 4.5k servers!

If you're a long time YAMS user, thank you and bear with me, things will slowly get back on track.  If you are new, welcome and this project is far from dead, it's actually pretty stable and hasn't needed much intervention for a while.

I also owe a big thanks to the users in the support section that have been helping out their fellow users by answering questions and being generally great.

Lastly, please have a look at the home page where there are links Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.  Please add, +1, Like and all that jazz!

August 24, 2012

0.10 Released | 0 Comments

I haven't updated the news *again* with version updates, sorry about that!  Below are the updates since I last posted here about them, they always go in the version history page on the GitHub Wiki anyway.

Since the last update, usage has peaked at 12,420 players, a totally insane number, coupled with at least 1,500 servers running all the time, I am glad that YAMS is getting widely used now, thanks guys!


  • [DLL] If using `args.txt` the JDK wasn't used, always JRE
  • [WEB] Fix players not showing in lists after certain MC update
  • [WEB] Public JSON API that responds with player lists


  • [DLL] 32-bit Java running on 34-bit Windows was not detected correctly
  • [WEB] Wrong number of images and backups was shown on public site


  • [DLL] [New telnet/terminal interface](
  • [DLL] Fix bukkit updates failing if server was running

May 2, 2012

Milestones | 0 Comments

I only occasionally check the usage stats on this site, so I often miss milsetones, however I caught a good one today!


As of 1st May 2012, YAMS went over 500 installed servers and over 4,500 players across those servers.

That's INSANE.

Thanks to everyone that uses it, I made it just to make running a Minecraft server on Windows as easy as possible, and it seems that for the vast majority of people that's the case.  A lot of the issues reported seem to be edge cases (damn you Windows Home Server) or temporary glitches, which is nice.

I don't know what will be the next "big" feature in YAMS, I think more tidying is needed before I add anything new, but then I get ideas like the Telnet Interface (thanks to Steve Romanow) and just run with them, adding them in a couple of hours.

If you have any great ideas of what you'd like to see in YAMS, let me know in the issues list on Github.