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The vanilla Minecraft Server (SMP) experience on Windows without the hassle

What is YAMS?

YAMS is not a server wrapper, it is for providing the vanilla Minecraft experience, but in an always-on environment. Additionally, YAMS is designed to make adding dynamic and static maps of your server easy, and to provide a public front to your server for your community to enjoy whilst taking the headache out of learning console commands.


The core features of YAMS are:

YAMS is not a wrapper

YAMS does not read or process any of the client-server communication, when you connect to a YAMS powered server, you are connecting directly to Minecraft. This means that YAMS can be freely updated without fear of kicking everyone out of your server. It does also mean that there are no additional in-server commands beyond those programmed in by Mojang. There are however, a few automation tasks to make an admin's life easier, such as; delayed restarts, restart when empty and auto-updating.

Future plans

A list of what will, may and won't be added is now on the GitHub wiki