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The vanilla Minecraft Server (SMP) experience on Windows without the hassle

Yet Another Minecraft Server

A simple way to run your own Minecraft server on Windows.


YAMS is always being added to, but works right now to keep your vanilla Minecraft server running 24/7. Once downloaded it will keep itself and Minecraft up to date.

Why use YAMS?

YAMS is the easiest way to install, setup and manage a Minecraft server on Windows, handling firewall rules, port forwarding* and even dynamic DNS with a free address. YAMS manages backups, renders and dynamic maps of your server, all without modifying Minecraft itself.

For more details on what YAMS does and doesn't do, see the about page

* With compatible UPnP router

Open Source

Download the code and customise YAMS for your own needs.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://

No really, what is it?

If you run a Minecraft server on Windows, you probably have to log in to your box manually, or if you're not worried about security, you've just set it to log in automatically. With YAMS, the Minecraft Server application runs as a service, so as long as your computer is on, your Minecraft server is available. YAMS also helps you to automatically generate Google Maps of your worlds as well as static images and provides a nice easy way to share these with other people. See everything it does, and the things it doesn't on the About page


The GitHub Wiki for the project should contain all you need for basic and more advanced setups.

It's broken!

If you find a problem that isn't covered by the Wiki, please ask a question on the support section.

Can you add xx feature?

Probably, put it on our feedback site and I'll have a look, or you could fork the code on GitHub and try to add it yourself.


Got the right YAMS?

This is the site for YAMS, a tool to make running your own Minecraft server as easy as possible.
Looking to play on the family friendly public Minecraft server "Yet Another Minecraft Server"?