YAMS is no longer maintained, and whilst it still appears to be working for about 200 of you, this project has cost me too much money over the past 6 years that I cannot justify keeping it running any more. Since the beginning YAMS has cost me personally around $1,500 and even with the maximum cost savings I can make and hosting some of this site in my own house, it is still costing me around $7 a month.

Whilst I greatly appreciate those of you that have, and continue, to use YAMS, this cannot continue. At peak we had thousands of servers and tens of thousands of active platyers but never any additional maintainers and a pittance in ad revenue, which only came from this site, I never put ads in YAMS itself. Even that dried up when I had to take the forums offline since I was spending hours a day clearing out spam.

Thank you for being part of a project I once enjoyed immensely but has now become a burden. The Github repo will remain for as long as they let it remain, but some parts of YAMS will stop working soon and you will need to find alternative arrangments.

Feel free to let me know if you're having trouble migrating away using Twitter

Thanks again, Richard